Black American Unemployment Hits Record Low–But Is Still Double That Of White Americans

The Black unemployment rate is the lowest recorded since 1972, according to CNN Money. It now sits at 5.9%.

Overall, the U.S. unemployment rate is now at 3.8%.

This means the economy is growing and thriving–but not for everybody:  Black Americans still have the highest unemployment rate among Whites, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans.

And young Black Americans are having the hardest time finding work: the unemployment rate for black teens is 19.8%. Although that’s down from 26.5% a year ago, it’s still nearly double the rate for White teens, which is 11.6%.

So, while these numbers are better than they were, for a lot of Americans, especially young Black Americans, these numbers could be better.

Nevertheless, President Trump is expected to find any way he can to take credit for the declining unemployment numbers, including the fact that Black unemployment is now lower than it ever was under former President Obama, the nation’s first Black President.

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