City Garbage Truck Plows Into Two Homes

An Atlanta sanitation truck veered off the roadway and crashed into two homes in southwest Atlanta today, according to Tom Jones of WSB-TV.

The shocking photo of a dump truck lodged into a home with the words CITY OF ATLANTA emblazoned across its side made for a startling sight for stunned onlookers and station viewers.

A great-grandmother told Jones she was inside one of the home when she heard a loud BOOM.

Few additional details are currently available, but Jones reports that a 78-year-old woman may have suffered a head injury in the calamity.

But she was alert, conscious and breathing when she was taken to the hospital, police told the station.

But Atlanta Fire Rescue and Atlanta Gas are on scene to respond to the potentially dangerous gas leak caused by the collision.

Amazingly, no one appears to have been seriously hurt or worse.

Its unclear who was driving the truck, and what caused the multi-ton vehicle to crash into residential homes but police and local news media are looking into it.