Ice Cube Thinks Drake’s Reign Is Over, Pusha-T Drama Or Not

OG rap legend and movie star Ice Cube thinks Drake’s reign at the top of Hip Hop is over, according to a KMEL 106 interview with the Cali native.

Dropping his two cents in regarding the highly publicized beef between rappers Drake and Pusha-T, Cube offered this when asked whether he thinks the drama has knocked Drake off his perch atop the rap game.

“I don’t know if that did,” Cube said when asked if he thought Drake fell from the top of rap from his Pusha-T feud. “Your reign becomes over. I think the audience has determined that”, he said.

“You can have three years and own the airwaves but then it’s time for somebody else. That’s just the pattern.

“That was the pattern with me. My son, O’shea Jackson Jr. has been keeping me updated on [the Pusha/Drake feud] because I’ve been performing myself – dissing is like revenge. Everybody’s gotta figure out what’s over the top, what’s too far, what’s not. [Pusha-T talking about Drake’s mom and dad?] That ain’t cool. I’ma have to see you – I didn’t really speak on families and moms and dads [with ‘No Vaseline.’] I didn’t start it.” (106 KMEL) 

In his day, Cube famously beefed with members of his own group, N.W.A., and the group’s inner turmoil crystalized in a now-classic track recorded by Cube called, “No Vaseline”.

Meanwhile, Pusha-T recently said his beef with Drake isn’t personal, although fans point out that it seems quite the opposite of that.