Kamiyah Mobley’s Mother “Blocked” Her Daughter’s Phone Number: “I Don’t Want To Argue with Her”

The tragic kidnapping of Kamiyah Mobley from Jacksonville’s then-Shands Hospital in 1999 is still causing tremendous pain for everyone involved.

Shanara Mobley, Kamiyah’s mother, recently sat down with ABC News and revealed that her relationship with the daughter who was snatched away from her 8 hours after she gave birth is rocky and, right now, nonexistent.

Its so bad that, Shanara said, she chose to block her daughter’s number.

At the center of the mom and daughter strife: the woman who posed as a nurse and stole Kamiyah almost two decades ago, Gloria Williams.

In a case that smells like Stockholm Syndrome, Kamiyah proudly said she still calls her kidnapper “Mom”. That’s more than Shanara, understandably, can stand.

“It’s like a tug of war between us. Whenever I feel like I’m winning her back, boom the other side pulls me down,” Shanara said through tears. “Nobody acknowledges my pain. I feel like I’m being robbed all over again every time she [Gloria Williams] reaches out to my daughter.”

Shanara said she also feels too much disrespect coming from Kamiyah, so she cut off communication with her.

“She’s blocked now because I don’t want to argue with her. I’m tired of being hurt. I’m not saying there’s not a time that we can get closer but I really should not have to compete with that woman.”

Gloria Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison by a Jacksonville judge last week. Meanwhile, Kamiyah still lives in Williams’ South Carolina home, and reportedly looks forward to reuniting with her after she’s released.

Shanara Mobey said that 18 years is not sufficient punishment–she wanted the death penalty for Williams.

She also said she’s nowhere near being ready to forgive her child’s abductor.

“I pray to God He changes my heart towards you but I hate you and that hate is very, very, very strong. Help me to forgive you. Just let my baby go.

“Please let my baby go. If you feel any sympathy for me let her go please. I’m not saying that as a bitter, angry woman. I’m saying it as a mother was robbed 20 years ago—and still counting.”

Kamiyah Mobley is obviously confused, angry, and struggling to make sense of everything going on around her. That was on full display when she went ham on Life Fixer Iyanla Vanzant, letting off a string of obscenities at the reality show host and self-help guru.

At one point, Kamiyah’s father, Craig Aiken, seemed to be physically restraining Kamiyah from attacking Vanzant.

“Get out of my face, b****!”, was one of the refrains Kamiyah hurled at Vanzant and also referred to her as a “man-looking b****”.

“I’m done!”, Vanzant announced after the spectacle, and just before the credits rolled.

Shortly after Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken were reunited, unsubstanitated rumors swirled that Kamiyah opted to distance herself from her biological family only after it was revealed the $2 million settlement money paid out by the hospital was gone.