Kathy Griffin Calls Out Kevin Hart For Not Dissing Trump: “A P**** Move Because He’s A Black Man!”

Kathy Griffin has issues with President Donald Trump, as evidenced by the comedienne taking a 2017 photo shoot with a simulated severed head of the current POTUS.

That stunt helped Griffin get blacklisted by some of Hollywood’s power brokers a year ago.

But Griffin also has issues with a fellow comic: Kevin Hart, among the most successful stand-up comics in business right now.

Griffin basically called Hart a sellout since he, as a Black man, refuses to trash Trump in his comedy routines. Griffin sees that as a cardinal sin for any Black man.

She also says that’s a pussy move for a Black man.

“I do feel like this is such an anxiety-ridden time for everyone that there is a thirst for all kinds of comedy,” Griffin says. “And look, if you want to not hear about Trump at all, go see Kevin Hart. He doesn’t even mention Trump. I personally think that’s a (expletive) move because he’s a black man. But I guess he’s selling more tickets than I ever will.”

After Hollywood seemed to have left her for dead, Grifin has of late resumed her stand up route and appears poised for a comeback of sorts.

Meanwhile, Kevin Hart has made it clear he won’t be joining the vocal anti-Trump bandwagon by any means, saying he’s afraid of “alienating” Trump supporters.

“When you jump in to that political realm, you’re alienating some of your audience,” Hart said. “The world today, it’s really not a laughing matter. It’s serious. I don’t want to draw attention to things I don’t have nice things to say about.”–Kevin Hart, 2017 Variety interview