Man Found Passed Out On NYC Subway Tracks Smoked Synthetic “K2” Weed: Report

Shocked onlookers put in calls to 911 after they witnessed a terrifying sight: a man passed out on the highly-electrified rails of the New York City subway train system!

The unidentified 51-year-old man is shown in a video that was taken by a passenger sprawled out across the tracks at the Myrtle Ave./Broadway station in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

His face was partially burned–likely due to partial electrocution on the tracks, which carry a ton of electricity.

Fortunately for the man, he barely missed the lethal Third Rail–which, the New York Daily News says, carries a life-ending 625 volts.

The man was taken to an area hospital, where he, once sober, admitted to using synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as “K2”.

K2 is considered by many to be a dangerous street drug that has left some of its smokers severely mentally diminished–and sometimes dead.

Shockingly, a second subway passenger was found on the platform near where the first man was found on the tracks. He too was transported to an area hospital.

Its unclear if the two men had just smoked their K2 together.

A video posted to Facebook by Tiberious Carr captured the horrifying scene.

The area where the men were found–Myrtle Ave./Broadway M-J-Z stop–is reportedly a haven for K2 overdoses: on May 19th alone, 25 people in the area overdosed on the drug.

In a sign of a growing epidemic, cops investigated 240 K2 overdoses by the end of May.

Some of the overdose victims were seen staggering about zombie-like and incoherent at the intersection, which is on Bushwick’s border with Bedford-Stuyvesant.–Ny Daily News


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