Man Shot At Former NFL Player’s Home

South Fulton, Georgia police are investigating a shooting at the home of former Detroit Lions wide receiver Eddie Drummond.

The 23-year-old man was shot in the stomach and his condition is currently not known, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution and WSB-TV. The incident happened Sunday night around 11:15 PM.

Drummond played with several teams during his near-decade in the NFL, including the Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, and very briefly for his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.

He last played professionally as a member of the United Football League (UFL) in 2011.

Since then, Drummond has been reportedly spending time and making dough by hosting cash-at-the-door parties at his Metro Atlanta home–which he calls “The NFL Mansion”.

Drummond reportedly hosts and promotes regular and lavish parties at the crib, and tickets don’t go cheap: entry to Drummond’s recent birthday bash–which he also dubbed “The Heated Mansion Pool Party” on Instagram–went for as high as $260.

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Police have not released any further details about the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, neighbors say they are too tired of the constant parties and “louder than loud” music there.

They told Channel 2 they’ve called police and code enforcement, and not gotten any results.