Meek Mill’s Request To Have Alleged Groupie Judge Tossed Off His Case Denied By Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Meek Mill has a legal problem–and it goes by the name of Genece Brinkley.

Brinkley is the Philadelphia judge who, allegedly in a vindictive move, inserted the rapper into prison for several years over a reportedly “technical” probation violation, prompting massive news and social media attention.

Mill was eventually released, but his case is still pending.

Judge Brinkley–an alleged music groupie, and failed actress, who reportedly had an axe to grind with Mill because he declined to remake Boyz II Men’s classic track “On Bended Knee” (in honor of her no less)and also reportedly because he refused to sign with an artist manager allegedly linked to Brinkley–is still the presiding judge in his case.

Also unfortunately for Mill, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has declined to replace Brinkley in the case, even with so much controversy surrounding things.

One of the Supreme Court justices did offer Mill a gleam of hope: he could ask Brinkley to reassign the case to another judge when he appears before her for a hearing requesting a re-trial on June 18th.

Good luck, Meek Mill.