Meet The Browns: Indicted Jacksonville City Council Members Appear In Court

Two indicted Jacksonville City Council Members appeared in federal court today, and a magistrate ordered them to reappear next week in order to confirm they have representation on a slew of charges related to loans the feds say ended up being fraudulent, according to The Florida-Times Union.

Katrina Brown is presently represented by noted local attorney Curtis Fallgatter, but he told the judge there was a money issue that needed to be worked out before he stayed for the long haul.

Reginald Brown is presently represented by a court-appointed attorney.

Both will need to make sure they have the proper coins in place in order to secure the best lawyers possible, as the feds have charged them each with multiple counts of conspiracy, attempted bank fraud, and other charges.

Federal prosecutors claim the two conspired to launder money from loans obtained unlawfully.

Both have denied the allegations.

Katrina Brown is the daughter of local restaurant and nightclub icon Jerome Brown, of Jerome Brown’s Barbecue and Faces Nightclub–long-ago closed, yet legendary landmarks still remembered by Jacksonville-area residents.

If convicted, both Browns could face dozens of years behind bars.

Both Browns represent majority-Black districts.

In an unfortunate irony, Katrina and Reginald share the same surname as incarcerated former longtime Congresswoman Corrine Brown, who herself was convicted of federal charges related to a charity she set up that the feds say was actually a sham that Brown siphoned cash from to pay for fancy trips overseas and Beyonce VIP concert seats.

Brown is currently serving 5 years in prison.

Governor Rick Scott quickly moved to suspend the two Council Members shortly after they were indicted.