Memphis Psychiatrist Allegedly Beat Female Patients With Whips and Riding Crops, Called Them Mules: Report

This is Dr. Valerie Louise Augustus, owner of Christian Psychiatrist Services, a Memphis, Tennessee mental health treatment center–one of the very few Black-owned facilities of its kind in the city.

The Doc has operated the business for 17 years and a description of what she offers reads like this on the business’ website: “Dr. Augustus emphasizes a healthy diet and regular physical activity, while optionally integrating her spiritual beliefs and principles into each patient’s healing process.”

What the Doc left out was she allegedly supplements that regimen with one that includes beatings with whips and riding crops.

The Doc also reportedly called the patients “mules”, according to The Tennessean.

When it got wind of the spankings, the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners investigated and ultimately suspended Augustus’s medical license for 60 days.

10 people came forward to say they were beaten by Augustus.

The Doc was also fined $10,000–$1000 per victim.

Prior to the bizarre allegations of whip-wielding psychological therapy, Augustus’ clinic has had been named the top mental health practice in the Memphis area by The Commercial Appeal, the local daily newspaper.