T.I. Allegedly Caught Booty-Slapping Actress and ‘American Idol’ Finalist Backstage?

Three’s Company, too? Rap superstar T.I. and wife Tiny’s marriage is once again a trending topic, thanks to some Instagram posts and a backstage video purportedly showing T.I. slapping the ass of a female who some on social media were quick to label a THOT and a homewrecker.

The alleged THOT and marriage reducer in question is actually actress and singer Asia’H Epperson, who appeared on the television show Greenleaf, and on American Idol in 2008.

Asia’H is also one of the women arrested over the spring at an Atlanta Houston’s restaurant which led T.I. to record a social media post slamming the arresting officer and his treatment of the women.

T.I. demanded a new boycott of the pricey restaurant chain, and challenged the officer to a fist fight in a recorded video.

T.I. was a weekend headliner at a show at Indianapolis’ The Pavilion at Pan Am, when evidently he couldn’t help himself at the sight of Asia’H’s cakes heading his way backstage.

Its rumored Asia’H accompanied the rap mogul to Indianapolis.

So the Hip Hop Honcho reached out, and just had to lay a hand or two on them. Then the two got especially cozy.

The video quickly went viral, especially since T.I. and Tiny are still married. The couple’s relationship is a frequent topic of blog discussion.

Recently, T.I. re-posted a message on Instagram in which a female writer questioned what–if anything–marriage offers a man today.

Wife Tiny responded by posting a video in which Snoop Dogg told The Breakfast Club that he believes a successful man is better off with a wife than a stable of THOTS and jumpoffs.

T.I. and Tiny have been together well over a decade, and have been married since 2010.

Relationship drama aside, the ride-or-die couple have been through it all together, and share a sprawling family, and the entire Harris brood formerly starred in BET’s poplar reality show, The Family Hustle.

Tiny recently said the couple were holding their relationship together.