Woman Who Kidnapped Baby, Raised Her As Her Own, Gets 18 Years In Prison

Gloria Williams abducted newborn baby Kamiyah Mobley in 1998 at what was then University Hospital of Jacksonville. She would later take the child to South Carolinas, and raise her as her own.

And now Williams will spend 18 years in prison for it.

After saying it was a “very sad case”, a Jacksonville judge sentenced Williams, 52, to 18 years in prison on Friday, including the year and a half she has already spent behind bars.

Williams was nearly emotionless as the judge read the sentence, and alluded to the 18 years Kamiyah’s family was unaware of their child’s whereabouts.

According to prosecutors, Williams cased and scoured the hospital for hours, then posed as a nurse to Kamiyah’s mother, telling her she was taking the baby for a bath.

But what Williams actually did was tuck the 8 hour old baby into her purse and headed for the exits.

The hospital eventually paid out a $2 million settlement over the abduction, which made national news.

Kamiyah eventually figured out she had been kidnapped as an infant once she ran into trouble getting a social security card.

Kamiyah was criticized on social media by users who thought the now 20 year old woman seemed to be distancing herself from her biological parents while urging for leniency for the woman who abducted her.

Williams could have gotten a life sentence. A plea agreement stipulated that if she pled guilty, she could only get up to 22 years.