3 Killed, 7 Wounded At New Orleans Lounge and Restaurant: Intended Victim Ran Into Crowd Seeking Safety, But Multiple People Ended Up Shot

Three people were killed and seven people were wounded outside two popular New Orleans destinations, the Jazz Daiquiri Lounge and the Chicken & Watermelon restaurant.

According to reports, two gunmen were seen chasing a man across a parking lot, firing shots in his direction. The man may have thought he would be safe by fleeing into the crowd but the shooters fired haphazardly instead, claiming 10 victims.

The man who was the intended target was shot multiple times and killed, right on the doorstep of Chicken & Watermelon. The shooters reportedly stood over him and fired several shots into his body, using a pistol and a shotgun.

Two men and one woman were killed and seven people were wounded in the shooting. The surviving victims are reported to range in condition from stable to critical.

Police have labeled the crime a mass killing, which means federal authorities could step in on the investigation.

The Jazz Daiquiri Lounge and Chicken & Watermelon are neighborhood staples where people frequently gather in crowds on weekends.

A $5,000 reward has been offered in the case.