Family Wants Cops Suspended For Pinning 9 Year Old Boy To The Ground

A family in Athens, Georgia is demanding two police officers face disciplinary action after they are seen grabbing a 9 year old boy and pinning him to the ground while the boy’s father was being arrested over an alleged domestic violence incident.

The 9 year old boy was understandably distraught while seeing his father, who is his only legal guardian, according to family members, being placed under arrest. That’s when cops say the boy “lunged” at the officers, one of whom caught the boy reportedly “in mid-air”, resulting in the cop and the boy reportedly falling onto a patrol car.

But what happened next is what’s stirring the controversy.

The officers are then seen putting the boy onto the ground, pinning him there, while lecturing him about not charging at officers.

The boy is repeatedly heard apologizing, saying “Yes, Sir”.

In the video, other family members are seen protesting the boy’s treatment.

“If you don’t know how to control no 9-year-old, you don’t deserve a badge,” cousin Ariel Collins said to WSB-TV.

The two officers said they did not handcuff the child during the incident, for what that’s worth.

But the boy’s grandfather said the officers should be held accountable.

“Don’t fire them. Suspend them at least 30 days and give them something to think about,” grandfather Harry Jones said.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department encouraged people to watch the video, which they say will show “two sides” to the story.

Video of the incident has quickly gone viral.