Georgia Governor’s Race Makes History, Gets Ugly Quick

The race to become the next Governor of Georgia is now set: Democrat Stacey Abrams is now facing off against Republican Brian Kemp.

Abrams is the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House Of Representatives. Yale-educated and backed by national, big-name Democrats, Abrams romped through her primary–gathering up nearly 75% of the vote against her opponent, Stacey Evans who quickly threw her support behind Abrams after the election.

Abrams is seeking to become the first Black woman to become governor of any state. In winning the nomination, she became the first African-American female to earn a major party gubernatorial nomination in U.S. history.

Abrams is also seeking to become the first Black, openly lesbian governor in U.S. history as well.

Kemp is the current Secretary Of State. He won his primary against Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in a race that was long thought to be in the bag for Cagle, and he won it in a landslide.

Kemp was backed by President Donald Trump.

Abrams and Kemp are not fishing buddies: the two squared off over what Kemp claimed was “widespread voter fraud”, and a Secretary Of State, Kemp investigated a group Abrams formed to register minorities to vote.

The investigation revealed that only about 50 ballots out of over 90,000 may have been fraudulent.

So the race will be ugly, and the attacks have already started: groups backing Kemp have taken to the TV airwaves to label Abrams “extreme” and “radical” for advocating for issues such as gun control.

Kemp’s campaign has also promised to highlight the fact that Abrams owes six figures to the IRS–student loan debt, Abrams has pointed out.

Kemp, as Secretary Of State, was criticized after his office failed to secure voter data that resulted in millions of Georgia’s voters’ personal information being released to private groups.

Kemp has also been criticized for not doing enough to ensure it won’t happen again.

Kemo has also been accused of defaulting on a $500,000 farming loan.

Both Trump and major national Democrats are expected to campaign heavily for Kemp and Abrams. Recent polls point to a close race.

Photo: AJC