Kamiyah Mobley’s Mother: “I Wish They Never Would Have Found Her!”

Shanara Mobley, the Jacksonville woman whose newborn daughter, Kamiyah Mobley, was snatched away by kidnapper Gloria Williams, is speaking out again about the tumultuous circumstances she now faces since her daughter was discovered– and the hot mess that she says Kamiyah has turned into.

Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison for pretending to be a hospital nurse and then kidnapping Kamiyah and raising her as her own. Kamiyah was just a few hours old when she was abducted.

It was a long wait for the true mom and daughter to be reunited: 18 years passed. And now, two years after the reunion, the two aren’t even speaking.

Its all turned into a nightmare for Shanara–and Williams is the reason why.

From behind bars, Williams maintains close contact with Kamiyah, and they speak often on the phone. Kamiyah calls the woman who kidnapped her “mommy”.

According to Shanara, Kamiyah sent Williams two Mother’s Day cards in May; Shanara didn’t even get one.

Shanara is on the verge of letting go:

“As long as she can call her and go see her, that’s her momma,” Mobley said. “I’m about to start calling her Alexis so I won’t be hurt. I’m serious. I’m serious. I have to start doing things where I don’t hurt no more.”

Looking into a video camera, Mobley had this to say to her daughter:

“If you want to be Alexis, be Alexis. If you want to be her child, be her child. This is a battle that I can’t keep fighting. This is a battle that nobody is going to win.”–Gatehousenews

Photo: Florida Times-Union

Here’s video of Kamiyah going off on self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant: