Outrage Continues After Bodycam Footage of Thurman Blevins’ Fatal Police Shooting Released

Bodycam footage of last month’s fatal police shooting of a 31 year old Black man in Minneapolis has been released.

Police were called to the scene over reports of a man they say was firing a gun in the neighborhood.

In the video, Thurman Blevins is seen taking off running from police, while simultaneously begging for them not to shoot him: “Please don’t shoot me,” he said. “Leave me alone.”

But shoot, they did. Multiple times.

Black Lives Matter and the NAACP quickly condemned the shooting and rallies were immediately organized to protest what is only the latest such killing by law enforcement in or near Minneapolis; Philando Castille, Jamar Clark, and Justine Damond were all shot dead by area police officers.

The rallies sparked calls for justice for Blevins from a diverse segment of the Minneapolis community.

Minneapolis prosecutors have declined to file charges against the officers involved.

Additional protests are planned for this week.