Up And Coming Rapper Young Ash Accused Of Recruiting Fans To Aid In Fraud: Report

A New York City rapper who has been described as up-and-coming is now looking down and hoping to stay out: she’s been indicted on federal charges of grand larceny and appeared in court to answer the charges yesterday; she pled not guilty.

Prosecutors say Ash, birth name Ashley Bautista, allegedly used her Internet fame to enlist some of her social media followers into an alleged credit card and fraudulent check scam.

The flamboyant hip-hop artist was known as a recruiter, who flashed wads of cash in snaps on social media, promising her followers fast money in exchange for their bank account information, according to ADA Alona Katz.

She was indicted with five co-defendants for allegedly using victims’ personal information, forged checks and ATM cards to withdraw cash from bank accounts in a scheme known as “card cracking,” according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.–NYPost

Bautista was released on her own recognizance with a pending court date.