Andrew Gillum And Chris King To Kick Off Campaign In Orlando

Yesterday, Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum stunned a lot of political watchers when he declined to choose former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham as his running mate and instead picked Chris King–who, like Graham, competed against Gillum in the primary–as his running mate.

But King scored a lot less votes than Graham.

Many believed Gillum needed to choose a woman, preferably a moderate, to balance his ticket. Graham fit that bill; she finished second to Gillum in last week’s primary, which was an upset since Graham had been the longtime frontrunner in the race.

Early yesterday, Republican nominee Ron DeSantis chose a female to be his running mate, Miami legislator Jeanette Nunez, who becomes the first Cuban-American female to land on a gubernatorial ticket in state history.

But Gillum chose King, whose ideas-driven candidacy did not move a lot of numbers, but did spark lots of conversation.

Gillum’s choice of the Harvard-educated Orlando businessman, who is devoutly evangelical, was praised by a number of observers.

The Gillum-King ticket will now begin their joint journey in Orlando at the city’s Convention Center with a kickoff event slated for tomorrow.

Recent polls have shown Gillum with a slight lead over DeSantis, an ardent Donald Trump supporter who recently made headlines after urging voters not to “monkey up” the state’s government by electing Gillum. Most saw the remark as clearly racist, since Gillum is seeking to become Florida’s first Black governor.