Popular Radio DJ’s Husband Allegedly Chased, Pulled A Pistol On Katt Williams After On-Air Roasting

Comedian Katt Williams reportedly had to run for his life after he told police that a popular Atlanta radio DJ’s armed husband chased him and a security guard into a grocery store Saturday night.

According to Williams, the husband had a gun.

The drama started on Friday, when Williams was invited as an impromptu guest on V-103 in Atlanta’s Frank & Wanda In The Morning Show. The casual interview cascaded into some messy back and forth between Wanda Smith, longtime co-host of the show, who referred to Williams as “Lil Mama” and said he only knew how to discuss stuff that happens in jail–a reference to Williams’ numerous arrests, which he himself routinely jokes about.

Wanda wasn’t ready for Katt’s comeback. The comic and actor lacerated Wanda about her weight, her supposedly cosmetic jewelry, which Williams claimed was worth all of $12, and her choice in wigs.

Wanda’s partner, longtime radio host Frank Ski, laughed hysterically as his homie was verbally shredded by Williams.

The on-air roasting has gone viral, and some say, after Wanda was so thoroughly humiliated by Williams, its no wonder her husband was pissed.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gwinnett County cops arrived to the grocery store and interviewed Williams and LaMorris Sellers, Wanda’s husband, who admitted chasing the two men.

But, Sellers claimed, his gun only “fell out” of his waistband during the chase and he said he never pointed a gun at either man.

Williams declined to press charges and no arrest was made.

Check out the Friday interview that started it all below.