200,000 Tires Dumped Illegally In One Neighborhood Over 6-8 Weeks

Unidentified individuals illegally dumped 200,000 tires near a residential area of the city of South Fulton, Georgia over a 6-8 week period. And now cops are hunting down two men who were caught on hidden videotape dropping off a U-Haul truck filled with old tires.

Officials say the 200,000 tires represent the largest dumping of its kind in Georgia history.

Neighbors had repeatedly complained about the excess amount of old rubber, prompting officials to set up hidden surveillance cameras in trees surrounding the site.

Daniel Gray, a game warden for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, told WSB-TV the dump-off was likely part of a moneymaking scheme.

“They will actually collect the disposal fee, where they are supposed to take them to a site and actually get charged for dumping them,” he said. “But instead they pocket that money”, and then dump the tires wherever convenient.

And because rubber tires are extremely flammable, Gay said the tires could have caused a massive smoke and fire emergency.

“If something of that caliber size was set on fire, you could possibly have a lot of smoke that could go over the city of Atlanta,” he told AJC.com. 

The tires have since been removed by state workers, but officials are investigating if the two men who were caught on camera are responsible for dumping tires in other areas as well.

State police are also looking into whether other people are responsible for dumping at the South Fulton site.

Dumping the tires illegally could lead to criminal charges.