Conor McGregor Demands Rematch After Pay-Per-View UFC Defeat, Crowd Free-For-All Fight

Saturday night’s much-hyped UFC matchup between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor turned into a hot azz mess after Nurmagomedov nearly choked out McGregor in a submission win.

Soon after, though, Nurmagomedov inexplicably jumped over the cage rail and went after a member of McGregor’s camp.

After that, Nurmagomedov’s goons entered the cage and went after McGregor, who ended up getting clunked in the back of the head.

So fans who paid a pay-per-view mint to see the highly marketed throwdown ended up seeing a few fights for the price of one.

Three of Nurmagomedov’s supporters were arrested.

But McGregor declined to press charges, so the three were quickly released.

Meanwhile, McGregor has demanded a rematch. 

This is the second major fight McGregor has lost; last year, McGregor was taken down in a 10th round knockout by boxing great Floyd Mayweather.

Some fans say its time for McGregor to now have several seats. So its unclear if he’ll get his much-desired rematch.

Incidentally, the unexpected mayhem alarmed Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, who was reportedly seen running way from the chaos and out of the building.