Diddy Moves On With 26 Year Old New Chick

Yesterday, the news that rap mogul Diddy and longtime (very longtime) live-in girlfriend Cassie Ventura were through after a relationship that lasted over a decade made headline news.

But according to LoveBScott, the relationship was already kaput–the public just found out after the fact. 

And Diddy has moved on with a new, much younger woman: 26 year old model Jocelyn Chew. Diddy will turn 49 in a few weeks.

They recently spent some time in Miami together at the end of last month and hit up Drake’s opening show at Staples Center in Los Angeles just a few days ago.–LoveBScott

According to Scott, Diddy and Cassie called it quits in 2015 over a different woman but eventually worked it out.

Also according to Scott, Diddy appeared interested in forming some sort of harem, and wanted Cassie to be down with the tribe. After all, breaking up is hard to do.

Diddy’s not the type to let women go easily and we hear he’s still very much interested in continuing his 10-year relationship with Cassie — despite the other women in his life.–LoveBScott