Former Obama Admin. Aide Susan Rice Might Seek To Become First Person Of Color To Represent Maine In Potential Race Against Susan Collins

Now that she has proven to the whole country that she’s a stooge for the President, a long line filled with outraged Democrats is quickly forming to potentially take on Maine Senator Susan Collins in 2020.

So far, the most high profile and, to date, the only person of color to express interest (it is Maine, after all): former Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

After Collins rambled on for nearly an hour in a Senate announcement justifying her vote for the accused judge, Rice sent out a tweet that caught the attention of many.

In the tweet, someone asked who would run against Collins in 2020. Rice responded with this: “Me”.

Bur Rice quickly said she wasn’t signaling an imminent run but since progressives around the country had promised to raise millions for any Democrat who would run against Collins if she voted for Kavanaugh, Rice would start out with a nice piece of change in a potential match-up so that probably is weighing on her mind.

Incidentally, IF she ran in 2020 and IF she won, Rice would be the first person of color to represent Maine in Congress, period.

By the way, those progressive groups initially sought to raise $2 million against Collins.

They so far have raised close to $4 million–and counting.