Mike Epps: ‘I Ain’t Got No Hollywood Friends’; Says Industry Is ‘Fake’

Comic legend and veteran actor Mike Epps says the haters are working overtime and have had a hand in him not making the kind of loot that people such as Kevin Hart haul home.

In an interview this morning with The Breakfast Club, Epps said he doesn’t fool with the Hollywood elite because there’s too much phonyness going around.

“People treat me like I screwed they wife”, Epps said. “I ain’t did nuthin'”.

Epps said Hollywood has its chosen few, such as Hart, who he referred to but did not mention by name. Epps, who rose to fame in the early 1990s as a scene-stealer in the Friday movie franchise, has long been a frenemy of Hart. The two have often feuded publicly on social media, and Epps has previously said Hart is a “overrated”.

Meanwhile, Epps’ latest comments reignited a long-running debate on social media over who is the funnier comedian–Epps or Hart.

Some fans also mused why Epps, who is without a doubt one of the top comedic talents of our time, never enjoyed the commercial success Hart has.

Epps’ full Breakfast Club interview below.