Pipe Bomb Suspect Worked For ‘Chippendales’, Drove Van Plastered With Pro-Trump Stickers: report

A 56 year old Caucasian man has been arrested in Plantation, Florida, and detained on federal charges related to him allegedly sending nearly a dozen and possibly more pipe bombs to high-profile Democratic politicians and other figures.

Cesar A. Sayoc, a 56-year-old from Aventura, Florida, was arrested this morning outside an Auto Zone 20 miles away from his home.

Sayoc was driving a van loaded with images of President Trump, and other pro-right wing messages.

Republicans had falsely claimed that the bombings were part of a Democratic  hoax to drive up turnout at the polls. But Sayoc’s arrest torpedoes that notion.

Sayoc reportedly worked as a tour manager for the legendary Chippendales touring dance troupe, according to TMZ, which also reported that Sayoc has a lengthy criminal record that includes accusations of violence.

Law enforcement is looking into whether Sayoc acted alone, had help, or is working as part of a broader domestic terror group.

If convicted, Sayoc could find himself locked up for up to a term of life.