Reality Star Arrested At School, Accused Of Allegedly Shoving Child’s Head Into A Locker

Tommie Lee, a reality TV star featured on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, is once again accused of some mess. This time, she’s accused of allegedly shoving her own child’s head into a locker at Griffin Middle School, 30 miles southwest of Atlanta, according to reports.

Lee, whose legal name is Atasha Chizaah Jefferson, was arrested on several charges, including felony aggravated assault, simple battery, first-degree child cruelty and disruption of public schools.

She was released from the Spalding county jail yesterday after posting $27,000 bail.

Tommie Lee has been arrested for carrying on before: in July, she was charged after she reportedly refused police commands and hit a valet attendant over the head.

The valet didn’t pursue charges, but cops jailed her on a disorderly charge anyway.

Jefferson was also accused of attacking an Atlanta mall employee in February.