Record Numbers of Black Voters Utilizing Absentee Ballots In Georgia

A record number of Black voters have requested absentee ballots in Georgia this election cycle, according to WSB-TV.

That spells good news for the campaign of Democrat Stacey Abrams, who is vying to become the nation’s first African America Female Governor.

“We could actually see Stacey Abrams become governor of Georgia at a time we’re seeing roughly half of the people who have turned in absentee ballots are people of color. That’s a really good sign for Stacey Abrams,” said Democratic Strategist Tharon Johnson.

That’s also good news for Democrats running for office across the state as well.

According to the station, Black voters are accounting for almost 42% of all absentee ballots–a number not seen since Barack Obama ran for President. Black voters make up 30% of Georgia’s electorate, so Black voters are (thankfully) outperforming their own numbers.

The Abrams campaign and Democratic party leaders have urged Georgians to make sure they vote, and early if possible, and to encourage friends, neighbors and family members to vote as well.

Election Day is November 6th, but early voting is underway across the country.

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