Terrence J’s GF’s Rep Claims She Wasn’t The Woman Involved In Hit And Run Crash

Cops in L.A. are still looking to have a chit chat with longtime BET personality Terrence J over an incident in which his $200K McLaren sports car ended up slammed into a tree with reports that he and the female driver were seen sprinting away from the destruction.

But cops may not be the only ones wanting a sit down with J: enter his model girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders, whose reps are claiming is not the woman eyewitnesses say they saw hauling azz after the crash.

In a statement to TMZ, Sanders’ people said this:

“On behalf of our client, Jasmine Sanders, I would like to clarify that Ms. Sanders was not in the vehicle at the time of this morning’s accident and was no way involved.” 

The accident remains under investigation.

If Sanders wasn’t the woman driving, and Terrence indeed was in the car, then he’ll have to explain his late night creeping.