‘The Conners’ Premieres Tonight–MINUS Roseanne Barr

ABC released a 30 second preview of The Conners–the renamed Roseanne Show that ended up dumping its eponymous star because she had the nerve to think she could get away with a racist tweet comparing former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to Planet Of The Apes and still stay on TV. Didn’t happen.

While a lot of rumors have persisted that Roseanne’s character will be killed off the show, ABC didn’t give any clues in the brief preview.

Its been made clear that Roseanne won’t be there, although some say the show could almost reset itself by starting over as if Roseanne’s character died prior to the actual reboot of the show.

After her tweet sparked a widespread uproar, Barr unsuccessfully tried to blame her racism on prescriptions and then tried to draw sympathy by crying in interviews.

Then Barr appeared disheveled and rambling in an interview with her Rabbi that also did not draw sympathy.

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