Too Much Sauce: Actor Pooch Hall Arrested; Was So Drunk Behind The Wheel, He Let His 2 Year Old Kid Drive: report

Actor Pooch hall–perhaps best known as Derwin Davis on ‘The Game’, and more recently as a star on ‘Ray Donovan’, was charged with DUI in Los Angeles county. And its worse than that: according to TMZ, Pooch was so wasted, he had to let his two year old son steer the car.

The car, by the way, ended up crashing into a parked car, not surprisngly.

A shocked eyewitness called 911 to report the bizarre spectacle. Neither Pooch nor his infant son were injured, fortunately.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Hall, who plays Daryll, was driving in Burbank at around 7:30 PM when witnesses called 911 after seeing the toddler in his lap holding the steering wheel. 

We’re told the witnesses were horrified to watch the car veer off and smash into a parked car. Thankfully, there were no injuries. One eyewitness tells us he saw the child crying in the front seat. The eyewitness says he looked in the window and the car seat was just laying among the junk in the back seat. It was not installed.–TMZ

Pooch is jailed on $100,000 bail, and his son was released to his mother.