Democrats Say ‘Checkmate’, Reassume Control Of The House Of Representatives In Stunning Wave Election

In a stunning rebuke to President Trump and his Republican followers in Congress, Democrats nationwide sent incumbents and would-be GOP officeholders packing, rolling along in a wave election that saw Democrats sweep control of the lower chamber of Congress.

As results continued to pour in from the west coast, Democrats were poised to collect around 35 seats–more than the 23 they originally needed to regain control of the House Of Representatives, which Democrats lost in the last “wave” election, in 2010.

From California to Texas to Florida and New York, Democrats claimed the political scalps of Republicans in a number of districts that weren’t even considered competitive.

More than one high-profile Republican who staunchly supported President Trump fell in defeat, including Texas’ Pete Sessions, who was ousted from his Dallas-area district by Colin Allred, an African-American former NFL player and Obama administration official.

The new Democratic-led House will be sworn in come Janurry, and Democrats are expected to embark on an ambitious agenda that includes subpoenaing the White House for a multitude of emails and documents; at the top of that list is the President’s income tax papers.

Meanwhile, Republicans expanded their grip on the Senate, where at least four Democrat incumbents were ousted–including Florida’s Bill Nelson.

But those contests took place in states won by Trump in 2016 and for months, Democrats there were said to be vulnerable with widespread expectations that at least half them could lose.

Democrats will have another chance to gain a majority in the Senate in 2020, when half of the chamber’s seats will be up for reelection–many in states Trump lost to Hillary Clinton two years ago.