Altercation At Gas Pump Turns DEADLY: 50 Year Old Woman Ran Over And Killed After Confrontation In Gas Station Parking Lot

The price at the pump isn’t the only reason to be terrified when you pull up into a gas station: There is also the risk of becoming a crime victim–or even a perpetrator.

Police in Gwinnett county, Georgia are looking for a woman driving a light colored SUV who got into a confrontation with two women that ended up with one of the women being hit by the driver’s vehicle.

That woman later died at an area hospital. Cops say the deceased woman was 50 years old.

WSB-TV said police believe the driver intentionally ran over the victim.

Its unclear what started the confrontation, but the deadly drama appears to have kicked off as soon as the SUV drove up to the gas pump. 

Its possible the incident began as a road rage incident, but details are murky. Surveillance video shows two women opening the driver’s door to physically engage the driver, who tried to flee but was blocked in.

But after the 50 year old woman was run over, the unidentified driver took off away from the scene.