Black DJ Attacked By White Supremacists For Not Playing Trash Metal Song?

Local police and the FBI are looking into the assault of a Black disc jockey who was spinning records at a Lynnwood, Washington tavern. According to reports, 8 members of a White supremacist gang entered the club and demanded the DJ play some God-awful trash metal crap but when he refused, instead opting to take a smoke break, the group attacked him.

A male employee of the establishment, the Rec Room Bar and Grill, who reportedly is of Asian descent, was also attacked when he tried to intervene in support of the DJ.

Both men suffered no serious injuries.

Law enforcement authorities have taken 8 men into custody, but most of them have not been identified publicly because officials claim they have not been formally charged. However, two of the suspects, who are from neighboring Oregon, were ID’d as Daniel Dorson, 23, of Corvallis and Cory Colwell, 34, of Eugene.

All 8 could face federal hate crime charges.