Irony: Nipsey Hussle’s Accused Killer Locked In Solitary Because Jailers Fear For His Safety

The man accused of the senseless murder of rap star Nipsey Hussle is being held in the Los Angeles County Jail in solitary confinement because, ironically, jailers fear he’ll be murdered by other inmates in the facility.

Eric Holder, 29, AKA “Sh*tty”, is charged with the broad daylight shooting homicide of L.A.-based rapper Nipsey, 33. Holder’s bail was set at $7,040,000 this morning.

Nipsey’s killing has garnered both national and international headlines, and sparked conversations about issues ranging from gang violence to gun control to criminal justice reform to the death penalty.

Though he may not have been the first big name that typically came to most rap fans minds before he was slain, Nipsey, an admitted Crips gang member, was noted as one of Hip Hop’s most talented–a philanthropic, famous MC who stayed close to his roots, and offered his time and energy to uplifting his community–and who was making moves to address gang violence in the ‘hood.

But staying close to the ‘hood may have cost Nipsey his life.

Nipsey owned the Marathon Clothing Company, located in a rough and tumble area of Los Angeles. He was murdered at his store while there to give clothes to a friend who had just been released from prison.

Reportedly, Nipsey was there without any bodyguards or security.

Actress Lauryn London, who was Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend and mother of one of his children, described herself as “completely lost” in the wake of Nipsey’s murder. She referred to him as her “best friend”.

Funeral arrangements for Nipsey Hussle are pending while condolences continue to pour in across social media.

R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle.