UPDATE: Jurors “In Tears” After Hearing Testimony About Stepmom Convicted of Starving To Death 10 Year Old Girl, Then Burning Her Body; Jurors Said They Wanted To “Sleep On” Punishment


Jurors, as expected, convicted Tiffany Moss for the responsibility of little Emani Moss’ homicide. Jurors told a Gwinnett county judge they would like to “sleep over” punishment; the local District Attorney has asked for the death penalty.

Jurors who have been tasked with deciding whether or not Tiffany Moss will face execution for starving to death her 10 year old stepdaughter were reportedly moved to tears after hearing about the unspeakable abuse, neglect, and violence suffered by Emani Moss before she was starved to death and her body burned by Tiffany Moss.

Tiffany Moss was convicted of the heinous and shocking 2013 murder of little Emani Moss in Gwinnett county, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Prosecutors proved that Tiffany and, even more unbelievably, Emani’s father, Eman Moss, were responsible for the child’s death–and worked hard to hide it.

Eman Moss is serving a life sentence over the case; he testified against his wife last week.

After discovering Emani had died, Tiffany Moss allegedly convinced her husband to help conceal his own daughter’s death because Tiffany didn’t want to go back to jail.

“She was saying, ‘We can’t call 911. We’ve got to hide the body,'” Eman Moss said in court.

The couple, he said, considered making it appear as if Emani had run away from home.

Eventually, Eman called 911, but the couple went on about their daily lives for some time before he made the call.

The couple reportedly duct taped Emani’s body and lit it on fire then watched it burn. Prosecutors say the couple treated the little girl like “trash” to be disposed of and forgotten.

“She wasn’t a child to her,” Assistant District Attorney Lisa Jones said during her closing argument. “She was nothing. She was a nuisance. She was ugly. She was a pain. She was disposable. She was trash.”

Jurors were told that the adorable 10 year old girl’s teachers considered her a joy.

Tiffany Moss sat emotionless throughout a trial in which she represented herself in court, called no witnesses, and made no closing arguments.

The penalty phase of Tiffany Moss trial is expected to conclude this week.