The Real Details Behind Soulja Boy’s Reported $400 Million Deal Emerge

Soulja Boy took to social media a few weeks ago to trumpet an alleged $400 million promotional deal that turned heads everywhere. Hip Hop fans were wondering what company would invest ... Continue Reading →

Lil Boosie Impostor Performing Shows?

Fans had a lot to say after Lil Boosie’s performance at Club Xclusive, in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday. After the Baton Rouge native took the stage, fans believed they had paid ... Continue Reading →

Keyshia Cole Reunited With Her Father!

After 34 years, singer Keyshia Cole has been reunited with her long-lost father. The absence of her father played a significant role in the evolution of Cole, and her sometimes topsy ... Continue Reading →

9 Year Old Detroit Boy Shot By Gun Found On Lawn

A 9 year old Detroit boy is healing from a wound he suffered from a loaded gun he found on a neighbor’s lawn, which was fired accidentally, according to reports. Few details ... Continue Reading →

Tyler Perry Makes Real Estate History; Sells Atlanta Mansion For $17.5 Million

Filmmaker Tyler Perry is already filthy rich, and he just recently added another $17.5 million to his bankroll. That’s because the ma behind Madea recently sold his Atlanta ... Continue Reading →

T.I. & Tiny’s Infant Daughter Turns 1 Month Old

T.I. and Tiny’s baby daughter, Heiress Diana Harris, is a month old, and her mom was more than happy to share photos of the baby on her Instagram page. Heiress was born early ... Continue Reading →

Rob Kardashian Buys Black Chyna A Lambo

Blac Chyna can wave bye to her haters courtesy of her new, nearly half million dollar whip–a Lamborghini Hurricane, paid for by her super-paid boo thang, Rob Kardashian. The ... Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Hasn’t Spoken To Parents In Years?

In a recent interview with, now-retired NBA icon Kobe Bryant opens up about his troubled relationship with his parents, and says he hasn’t spoke to his mom and dad in ... Continue Reading →

Odell Beckham And Drake Are Now Roommates

Rapper Drake has decided to share his home with good friend and NFLer Odell Beckham, Jr. Beckham recently stated that he’s living in the home with Drake during the NFL’s ... Continue Reading →

Fight Over Crab Buffet Gets Couple Arrested

Its no secret that a lot of black folks love themselves some crab legs. And a 21 year old Connecticut man found out the hard way that you don’t come between some snow crab-loving ... Continue Reading →

Intimate Wednesdays: Would YOU Break Up With Somebody Over Online Flirting?

  Instagram and Twitter have opened the door to an almost limitless pathway for dudes and females who want to cheat to do so. We all know folks who use social media as a dating ... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Ravens Player Tray Walker Laid To Rest In $16,000, Luis Vuitton-Lined Casket

  Miami-born and raised Baltimore Raven football player Tray walker died tragically last week, the result of a motorcycle crash. He was only 23 years old. But his loved ones sent ... Continue Reading →

T.I. And Tiny Have A New Little Girl

The family hustle is expanding. Rapper T.I. and his songstress wife Tiny welcomed a 5 pound baby girl Saturday. Tiny’s press release: “Yesterday, March 26th, at 2:58PM ... Continue Reading →

Just Like That: Holly Holm Loses UFC Title

Holly Holm was defeated last night by Miesha Tate in the UFC Women’s Bantamweight match. It was Holm’s first defense of the title, which she famously took from the former ... Continue Reading →

Did You Know Kandi Burruss Refurbishes Old Furniture?

Kandi Burruss is a baller who don’t mind budgeting when it comes to beautifying her home. Burruss, who rose to fame as a member of the 90s chart-topping group Xscape, and who ... Continue Reading →