Bury Me A G: Unrepentant Condemned Inmate Throws Up Middle Fingers During His Execution

Last night, as he was facing execution for the shooting death of an Alabama police officer, death row inmate Torrey Twane McNabb had a couple of messages. One was for his mother and ... Continue Reading →

Jaguars Owners Calls Trump “Jealous”

Its a battle of the billionaires as Jacksonville Jaguars boss Shad Khan recently accused President Donald Trump of being “jealous” of the NFL. “This is a very personal ... Continue Reading →

Trump Denies Telling Dead Black Soldier’s Widow, “He Knew What He Signed Up for”

Another day, another piece of White House drama, mystery and utter confusion. President Donald Trump was accused by U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) of telling the widow of a Black ... Continue Reading →

Porn Magazine Publisher Will Pay $10 MILLION For Dirt On Trump

‘Hustler’ magazine publisher Larry Flynt wants dirt that will lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump–and he’ll pay you a nice chunk of change if ... Continue Reading →

Cops Make Arrests In 34 Year Old ‘Racially Motivated’ MURDER

Spalding County, Georgia, police have made 5 arrests in the 34 year cold case murder of a 23 year old Black man that police say leaves “no doubt” was a racially motivated ... Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson’s Famous White Glove Up For Auction, Could Fetch $60-$80 THOUSAND Dollars

The late Pop King Michael Jackson may be dead and gone–but he’s still making money. The late superstar singer’s single, white, beaded glove could bring in between ... Continue Reading →

91 Year Old Man Dies After Home Invaders Tie Him and His 100 Year Old Wife Up

Police in Brooklyn, New York are investigating an awful and unthinkable crime: A 91 year old man was roughed up and later died after home invaders stormed into the home he shared with ... Continue Reading →

NYC Man Facing FED Charges After Threatening App Company With “Las Vegas Repeat”

When you have a customer service concern, you should always feel free to express your displeasure. After all, its your money. But you should make sure not to throw out words like “decapitation” ... Continue Reading →

California Wildfires Rage On: At Least 17 DEAD, Including A 100 Year Old Man and His Wife; Arson Suspected

The wildfires destroying portions of northern California’s celebrated wine country are still blazing–and in their wake, at least 17 people are confirmed dead. New evacuations ... Continue Reading →

Coach With Miami Dolphins Resigns After Alleged Coke Snorting Video Surfaces

Chris Foerster is now the former offensive lines coach with the Miami Dolphins. That’s because he resigned his position hours after a video of him snorting what is alleged to ... Continue Reading →

Kenneth Star: “There Will Be Indictments” In Trump Campaign Russia Ties Investigation

Infamous former special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, who gave former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton all levels of hell back in the 1990s when he was trying to ... Continue Reading →

Trump Administration Drops Employer Birth Control Coverage From ObamaCare

On Friday the Trump adminstration voided a requirement that mandated employers provide birth control coverage in their ObamaCare plans. Critics of the move say its Trump’s latest ... Continue Reading →

Ron Goldman’s Father Going After OJ Simpson For More Dough

If OJ Simpson did kill his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman, then he probably regrets that choice–especially since Ron’s dad, Fred Goldman, is haunting OJ worse ... Continue Reading →

NFL Diva Cam Newton Accused of ‘Sexist’ Remark

Cam Newton is all up in some drama, and its his own fault. He evidently hasn’t gotten used to the fact that a lot of women know football–and the thought of it all makes ... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Congressman Opposes Abortion–Except For His Alleged Side Chick

Pennsylvania Congressman Tim Murphy doesn’t want women to get abortions, period. He said so a bunch of times, and he recently voted to make sure that women could not get an abortion ... Continue Reading →