Fight Club At IHOP: Bizarre Video Shows Man Argue and Brawl With Customers, Employees at west Jax Restaurant

A video that is going viral appears to show some serious carrying on at a west Jacksonville IHOP. In the footage, a man who was possibly intoxicated and was reportedly a customer, ... Continue Reading →

So Ratchet: Argument Over Burger King Milk Shake Leads Customer To Hop Over Counter And Fight Cashier

“My milk shake brings all the boys to yard”. Shout out to Tweet. But evidently, a milk shake can not only bring the fellas out, but it can also cause a ratchet Burger King ... Continue Reading →

Transgender Woman and Accomplice Charged With Attempted Murder and Kidnapping They Streamed on Facebook Live!

A violent attempted murder and kidnapping that was streamed on Facebook Live is the reason two people–one of whom helped execute the attack while dressed in full drag– ... Continue Reading →

Feds Say Cop Was A Hit Man For Major Gang

A former Atlanta-area police officer has been hit with a federal indictment accusing him of being a hit man for the feared Gangster Disciples street gang, according to the Atlanta ... Continue Reading →

Orlando Man Dangles Girlfriend’s Dog Over Balcony In Argument–Ends Up In Jail

An Orlando man was arrested on animal cruelty charges after a video that was uploaded to WorldStarHipHop and Facebook showing him dangling his girlfriend’s pit bull puppy over ... Continue Reading →

Doctor Set On Fire, Found Dead In Pool Two Days After Domestic Dispute

An Atlanta doctor was found dead in his swimming pool shortly after neighbors saw him running nearly nude out of his home–and on fire. The house itself was also on fire. And ... Continue Reading →

Mississippi Interracial Couple Evicted From Trailer Park: “You Didn’t Tell Me You Was Married To No Black Man!”

Racism is alive and well everywhere, including in the housing market. Erica Flores Dunahoo–who is Hispanic and Native American, and her husband, an African American man named Stanley ... Continue Reading →

Fight Over Crab Buffet Gets Couple Arrested

Its no secret that a lot of black folks love themselves some crab legs. And a 21 year old Connecticut man found out the hard way that you don’t come between some snow crab-loving ... Continue Reading →

K.O. With Those Fries? Angry Customer Gets Knocked Out By Fast Food Employee: Video

Seriously, its always a good idea to be polite to anyone who is handling your food. You never know whether you might end up with a little something “extra” just because ... Continue Reading →

Tragedy: Teen Confesses On Facebook To Killing Ex

An 18 year old California woman is being sought by police after she wrote a series of posts admitting to stabbing her 21 year old boyfriend to death on Facebook. Dorian Powell was ... Continue Reading →

Video Of Woman Recalling Building Fire Goes Viral

Take a look at this video of a woman who clearly is hoping to get her 15 minutes of fame, a la Antoine Dodson.  Continue Reading →