Massive Notre Dame Fire Initially Labeled An ‘Accident’ As Official Investigation Begins; Cathedral’s Structure Deemed Safe

The almost 900 year old Notre Dame cathedral has been deemed structurally sound after a massive blaze roared through it, stunning and horrifying Catholics and onlookers worldwide. However, ... Continue Reading →

More Facebook Drama: Social Media Giant Admits ‘Bug’ Exposed Photos Not Intended To Be Publicly Shared

More bad news for the folks who are still die-hard Facebook users: the social media giant announced today that it unintentionally released private photos of users against their ... Continue Reading →

Bus Driver Attacked By Passenger, Driver Fights Back, Causing Bus To Veer Over A Bridge: Video

Shocking video footage shows a bus driver in China being assaulted by a passenger who hit the driver across his head with a cellphone because she missed her stop and the driver ... Continue Reading →

Video Footage Shows North Korean Soldier Shot At By His Comrades As He Runs For His Life To Defect

A 24 year old North Korean soldier decided he wanted out of that hellish dump he called his native country, and made a dash for the South Korean border in video recently released by ... Continue Reading →

Is Puerto Rico Trump’s ‘Katrina’?

Piuerto Ricans are coping with a food shortage, no water, and mass power outages and President Trump’s response to the crisis is under attack. Trump’s critics say he’s ... Continue Reading →

North Korea Crisis Grows as Trump Says “Talking Is Not The Answer”

The United States and North Korea are coming dangerously closer to what could become an epic military conflict. In the last 48 hours, the North Koreans launched a missile that streaked ... Continue Reading →

50 Dead, 53 Injured In Orlando Gay Nightclub Terror Shooting; Shooter Killed and ID’d

A horrific mass shooting that took place in the early morning hours at a gay nightclub in Orlando has left 50 people dead, and 53 wounded, according to widespread news reports. Pulse ... Continue Reading →

ISIS Cuts Its Fighters’ Pay In Half?

For some reason, I never thought of the Islamic State AKA ISIS as an entity that actually pays its troops to do what it does, but an article in CNN Money today says that the extremist ... Continue Reading →