Pennsylvania Court Rules Denying People A Job Because Of Criminal Record Unconstitutional

A court in Pennsylvania on Wednesday struck down a state law that imposed a lifetime ban from employment on as many as 200,000 people with criminal records in the state, according to the Huffington Post.

The seven-judge panel unanimously ruled that the state’s Older Adult Protective Services Act was unconstitutional, and said the law “makes no provision for consideration of any other factor, such as the nature of the crime, the facts surrounding the conviction, the time elapsed since the conviction, evidence of the individual’s rehabilitation, and the nature and requirements of the job,” Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote for the court.

The law governed individuals who sought jobs in industries that cared for the elderly and other kinds of long-term care.

Five rehabilitated men brought the lawsuit. One of the plaintiffs said he’d been fired from three different jobs over a conviction he got 32 years ago.

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