Original ‘Aunt Viv’ Calls Out Jada Pinkett Over Oscars Boycott: “Girl Please, Why Are You Always Speaking For Your Man?”

This year’s Oscars are becoming one of the most controversial in history. And ironically, its the often-overlooked Black folks who are doing the most talking. Director Spike Lee recently announced on social media that he’d be boycotting the awards due to what he and many others view as a lack of recognition for African American contributions to film. Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband Will Smith also announced they’d be skipping the awards for the same reason.

But someone is calling BS on Jada’s motives. Janet Hubert, AKA ‘Aunt Viv’ from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, has long enjoyed a frosty relationship with Will Smith, who she attributes to getting her axed from Fresh Prince. Hubert now says the only reason the Smiths are so upset with the Oscars is because Will didn’t get a nod for his latest film, Concussion, which appears to be tanking in the ratings–and the box office.

Says Hubert in her video, which she posted to Facebook:

“Girl please, why are you always speaking for your man?” Hubert said in a video posted on Facebook. “It was the best performance of his career, which says this is the best performance HE has ever done, not necessarily academy worthy.”

“Now you want other actors to support your cause and be blacklisted in Hollywood as I was because of your lying ass husband,” Hubert said.

Does everybody involved have sour grapes, or do you agree with the Smiths or Aunt Viv?

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