Desiigner May Get ‘Record Of The Year’



Most rap fans think Desiigner took a bite out of Future with his still top-ranked song, panda’, which is burning up charts everywhere. The New York lyricist doesn’t seem bothered by the controversy, and attention is now turning to what it means for rap music if Desiigner ends up snagging a major award for what many see as Hip Hop apostasy–deeply imitating another rapper to move units.

And the record is moving. “Panda” has been streamed millions of times and has enjoyed heavy rotation on the airwaves since February–and its not slowing down.

So far, Future has chosen not to hate on someone he obviously influenced in a profound way. Not sure of that will change if Desiigner ends up with a Grammy–at the expense of Future.

And if you think that’s interesting, check this out: Desiigner has so far done what Future never has done: he’s earned a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, while future–with his mass of hit records–hasn’t. Now that’s irony offering a kick in the behind.

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