Donald Trump Sweeps 5 States, Closing In On Nomination


The Donald Trump Show is still commanding center stage, as the Fortune 500 billionaire and political upstart clobbered his remaining opponents for the GOP nomination–Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich–in an East Coast blowout last night that saw the former reality TV star take all 5 states that were up for grabs.

When the voting was over, Trump took home nearly all the available delegates, more than 100, while Kasich and Cruz split 8 delegates between the two of them.

In his victory speech yesterday, Trump said the race was “over”.

Trump’s competitors and detractors have watched helplessly as the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host has racked up dozens of wins, leaving them scrambling for answers and coming up with various tactics that so far have done nothing to stop Trump’s momentum.

Cruz has said he will make a major announcement today at 4P.M.; speculation has mounted that he will announce his choice for vice president–possibly his long–vanquished rival for the nomination, Carly Fiorina.

Cruz and Kasich have insisted they will stay i the race, with the hopes of snatching the nomination away from Trump at a “contested convention”. Right now its unclear if Trump’s millions of voters will go along with that.


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