How Come Prince Didn’t Have A Will?


Superstar Prince died unexpectedly last week, leaving the iconic entertainer’s fans in shock, disbelief, mourning–and surprise. Partly because Prince, whose career spanned four decades with many millions of records sold, didn’t leave a will behind.

According to reports, there’s a quirky reason as to why Prince chose not to leave a will: he didn’t trust most financial advisers or attorneys. Prince reportedly instead opted to hire “20-something, attractive, would-be female models” to tend to his books, as opposed to legal professionals. That was just one aspect of the artist’s unusual way of handling his business affairs.

Prince also refused to leverage his music catalog in times of financial need. Those with knowledge of his financial status have called the state of affairs “chaotic”.

Prince’s music catalog could end up being worth close to $1 billion.

It was originally reported that Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, would retain the balance of his estate. But over the last few days, reports suggest that half a dozen relatives–including half brothers and sisters–will split the remaining fortune, which is sure to grow in the aftermath of Prince’s death, which has increased interest in and demand for his music.

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