Bernie Sanders Not Falling Back–Signals “Contested Convention”


The political press is writing obituaries for the presidential campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who has given former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a run for the money in the Democratic primary. But if there’s a wake, somebody better tell Bernie because he’s showing no signs of giving up, and has expressed certainty that there’ll be a contested Democratic convention where he believes he can still come out on top and secure the nomination.

He’s got an uphill climb. Clinton leads him by a sizable margin in the race for delegates, and political analysts say Sanders is unlikely to put a dent in that lead. Many also say a contested convention doesn’t assure Sanders of a win either.

Clinton supporters are hoping Bernie sees what they perceive as the writing on the wall, and give up the contest. Sanders supporters counter that his wins in many states have been landslides and point to his vast amount of support as indications that he has the backing to take it all the way home.

But Hillary Clinton herself seems to be gradually looking past Bernie Sanders and has of late trained her attacks on Donald Trump, the likely Republican winner.

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