Deadly Shooting At T.I. Concert Result of ‘Pushing’ Incident?


A scheduled T.I. concert in New York turned deadly last night and one person was killed and three were injured after shots rang out in the green room at Irving Plaza, according to reports.

Witnesses say what started with a shove between a couple of men quickly escalated into multiple fights and eventually gunfire.

A chaotic scene then unfolded, as witnesses say people began running and screaming–and using each other as shields from oncoming bullets–while trying to hastily get out of the way of  gunfire.

The victims were three men and one woman.

Police are still piecing together what happened–and no arrests have been made.


Not surprisingly, NYPD’s Commissioner Bill Bratton quickly blamed the violence on “so-called rap artists who are basically thugs”, and also said  “We feel we’ll wrap it up (the investigation) very quickly”. Bratton also referenced T.I.’s well documented criminal history.

One of the first things cops will have to figure out is how a handgun made its way into the club past metal detectors that were said to have been posted up in the club.

Rappers Maino and Uncle Murda were on stage when the shooting happened. T.I. was not on stage at the time the shots rang out.

concertgoers captured video as the shots rang out and posted the footage online:

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