Lil Boosie Impostor Performing Shows?


Fans had a lot to say after Lil Boosie’s performance at Club Xclusive, in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday. After the Baton Rouge native took the stage, fans believed they had paid to see a Lil Boosie look-A like, and took to social media to talk about it. According to fans, the man they were watching on that stage didn’t look at all like Boosie.

Boosie soon cleared the air. He denied using a body double and instead said recent oral surgery had made his mouth swell up, and that it was in fact him who took the stage in Columbus.

Some fans still weren’t convinced though, so Boosie put this message out on his social media links:

Said Boosie:

“In response to those saying it didn’t look like me at my show this weekend… My face is still swollen from an oral surgery I had done last week. That didn’t stop me from doing my shows swollen face and all. I’d never send an imposter to act like me. Thanks to everyone who came out in Charleston and Columbus #100″.

However, Boosie is no stranger to medical ailments. He’s a diabetic, and said last year that he had to undergo surgery to cure him of kidney cancer.


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