Rapper Juvenile Accused Of Beating A Man At A Waffle House


Everybody knows by now that the local Waffle House is becoming synonymous with after-the-club brawls and melees. Just ask WorldStarHipHop if you don’t believe me. And rapper Juvenile is the latest alleged participant in a breakfast beat-down at a South Carolina Waffle House, according to TMZ.

Reportedly, Juvenile stopped for a snack and was in the company of at least one woman who drew the attention of a patron who remarked, “Juvenile here, here come all the hoes now.”

Juvie’s security team initially managed to get the former “Hot Boy” out of the building with no drama, but Juvie reentered the establishment, and then  lunged at the man, and the two started tussling.

But the man ended up on the floor of the eatery after the brief battle was over, after other fellas from Juvie’s squad joined in on the fracas.

No police reports have been filed, according to reports. Stay tuned.

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