Stage Now Set For A Trump Vs. Hillary Showdown


Yesterday, Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican party after a resounding win over his rivals in Indiana. When the dust settled, Sen. Ted Cruz had quit the race. Ohio Governor John Kasich has vowed to continue but he’s millions of votes ad hundreds of delegates behind Trump and is mathematically eliminated from contention.

Kasich just hasn’t accepted the L yet.

Meanwhile, its Trump vs. Clinton in November. And its anybody’s guess how this one will go.

Clinton starts with a double digit lead in the polls and Trump has a lot of fence mending to do with several groups of Americans, including African Americans, Latinos, and women.

But Hillary is still dealing with a FBI inquiry into her use of a private emails server, an issue Republicans hope will culminate in the former Secretary of State under indictment.

The 2016 election is a real life reality show.

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